Sosnowiec and the region

Sosnowiec has more than 200 thousand residents. The D±browa Górnicza coalfield located within the boundary of the Silesian Voivodship is one of the most highly industrialised regions in Poland. The town itself has witnessed substantial commercial growth and development  through ongoing business investment in the area  by companies from both home and abroad, which includes the Kolporter Group.

Since the latter half of the nineties the  Sosnowiec–D±browa sub zone of the Katowice Special Economic Zone has been in operation.

The town has a first class road and  rail system as well as excellent airport links to two nearby international airports  The surrounding area is characterised by extensive green belt areas, historic buildings, roadside taverns and places of special interest which are certainly  worth seeing and enjoying.

Famous celebrities, worthy of  mention born, and bred in Sosnowiec, include the opera singer and film actor Jan Kiepura, the poet, songwriter and lyricist Jacek Cygan, film director  Stanisław Jędryka and pianist and composer Władysław Szpilman.

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