Showroom for Composite Technologies and Materials

26 - 27 February 2020

The future lies with composites!
Composites industry in February in Expo Silesia!

Next edition of the event dedicated to composites - Showroom for Composite Technologies and Materials KOMPOZYTmeeting, is behind us.  

KOMPOZYTmeeting is a perfect opportunity to present products, acquire new contacts and learn more about the composites industry. The fair feature companies, organisations and specialist publishers associated with production and application of composite materials.

The beginning of the year is a good moment to renew business relationships and at the same time to establish the new ones. Companies participating in the fair is the opportunity to present both market novelties and currently offered products so that the visitors may stay up to date with innovative technological solutions.

Silesian urban area is undeniably the largest industrial market in Poland. Organisation of KOMPOZYTmeeting in its centre is a significant advantage of the fair. Here, in the southern part of the country, market leaders have their key production plants in sectors such as machinery, automotive, heating, installation technologies or home appliances.

KOMPOZYTmeeting Showroom will accompany the Fair of Maintenance and Industrial Technologies INDUSTRYmeeting which is dedicated to key industrial technologies. The thematic scope of the fair will include, among others: mechanics and tools, electronics and electrics, production support and service, OHS, Industry 4.0, IT solutions in the industry, production logistics, automation and robotics, hydraulics and pneumatics, education and training, industry-related institutions and press.

During the fair, the participants was able to visit a special networking and seminar area where they've had an excellent opportunity to enhance their knowledge and talk with many experts. Similarly to last year, the fair will be accompanied by the next edition of the seminar entitled: Composite Materials in the Industry. The visitors may also expect lectures on the occupational health and safety and a number of workshops related to production and maintenance in industrial facilities. A special zone dedicated to Industry 4.0, where guests was the chance to learn more about the new industrial revolution that is currently upon us, will be a new feature of the incoming fair.

The quality of the fair was supervised by a large group of notable Partners - institutions, universities and press - which support the development of the event and take care about its content.

For more information on the trade fair, please visit us at www.kompozytmeeting.pl.